The art of bonsai trees is extremely ancient, delicate and complex, and it takes time and patience to learn it properly. For enthusiasts or simply curious, an area of the nursery is totally dedicated to these little big piece of art, the result of work and knowledge of Maurizio.


The rose, the flower full of symbols and meaning recurrent in history and mythology, deserved a fully dedicated area with Climbing roses, landscape roses, groundcover and shrub roses.
And then finally, the most scented, colored and unique flowers: the “author’s roses” that have been selected among the most beautiful roses proposed by the best brands (David Austin, Meilland, Tantau).

Fruit Trees

There are those who love classic flavors, there are those nostalgic for colors, scents and antique tastes and there are those who are curious and looking for something different.
Anyway, that the apple is either Gala or Buras, Williams or Martin Sec, that the peach is either Vista Rich or Vigna, Giuggiolo, Bircoccolo or Gelso, we have a fruit for every palate!

Vegetable garden

The art of garden cultivation, as well as many others in the gardening world, requires considerable effort and knowledge, but you will enjoy its fruits like a few others!
Vegetables, small fruits and colored bulbs are alternated within tuff tubs, trying to create a true garden where tradition and originality are perfectly blended. This is the principle we follow to select for you garden fruit and seedlings, paying particular attention to the quality of the products.


Clematis is a wellknow plant since time immemorial, in fact “Clematis” is one of the oldest botanical denominations. It is among the most popular of all garden plants in several countries, such as England, but still not widespread and appreciated in Italy so far. Not so easy to cultivate, however, due to its beautiful blossom, it is able to repay all the care and attention it requires.
If it is true that beauty requires (a bit) of sacrifice, then we have decided to propose this amazing climbing plant in the following selections: Viticella, Evergreen, Montana, Hybrid and Herbaceae.


Verde commerce conduct its work whilst fully respecting the environment, offering the possibility to purchase several products guaranteed by organic certification.
The company holds the standard certificate of registration on the official register of manufacturers issued by the Regional Plant Health Service of Piedmont.
Verde Commerce sells plants guaranteed by a standard plant passport under art.26 Legislative Decree 19/08/2005.

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