“Kepos, literally protected fence, is the most complete word used by the ancient Greeks to identify the garden: we look for paradise in it, which is not the paradise lost, but the paradise still to be built and the model to follow is the garden of the Gods, symbol of life.” (…)

Designing is very important to us, since it is the first of garden construction phases, which allows us to put on paper an idea born out of the confluence between customer tastes and our knowledge of the place, in order to get a new, different and sensible result, in a few words …Beautiful. All our projects are handmade with pencil drawing technique.


The design phase is followed by the actual realization of the garden. And now it’s up to the gardener. We offer a full and complete service, starting from the planting, to the creation of carpets of grass, to the construction of the irrigation system, as well as cleaning, waste disposal and maintenance.